A white tooth floats next to a red and white first aid kit to indicate a dental emergency

What to Do About Common Dental Emergencies

April 29, 2023 3:22 pm
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Here are three common dental emergencies and what to do about them:

  1. Toothache
  2. A mild toothache can be due to irritated gums or a stuck piece of food, and thus resolved at home with some gentle brushing and flossing. But a persistent or severe toothache can be considered a dental emergency that needs professional dental treatment. It could indicate untreated tooth decay or an infection. To alleviate swelling and pain until your visit, we suggest taking an anti-inflammatory medication, rinsing with a mixture of salt and water, and applying a cold compress to your cheek.

  3. Damaged or Lost Filling & Crown
  4. Dental fillings and crowns are meant to restore damaged or decayed teeth to their natural appearance and function. If a filling or crown is compromised, receiving treatment right away will prevent infection and additional damage to your tooth. Save your restoration, if possible, and keep the affected area clean.

  5. Knocked-Out Tooth
  6. Trauma to the face can cause teeth to become loose or fall out entirely. If your adult tooth falls out, handle it gently by its crown (or chewing surface). Rinse it with milk or water. Do not rub your tooth with a cloth or towel. Keep it moist in its socket, milk, or your saliva and get emergency dental treatment as soon as possible. Reattaching your tooth can prevent you from needing an artificial tooth replacement.

Resolve Your Dental Emergency in Lakeland, FL

You should never ignore an injury to your mouth or an uncomfortable feeling in your teeth or gums. Ignoring a problem, such as a toothache, lost filling, damaged crown, or knocked-out adult tooth, can lead to a decreased quality of life and needing extensive restorative treatment down the line.

While dental emergencies can’t always be avoided, a quick response to address the problem can minimize additional issues. Imperial Christina Dental Care provides same-day emergency dental care in Lakeland, FL. So if you experience a dental emergency, please contact our office today!